We have developed over 500,000 sq. m of commercial real estate and we have currently in active development over 100 000 sq. m of office space.

We establish carefully planned, functional and comfortable (and userfriendly) business environments that mesh well with their environment and create additional public spaces.
Our aim is for everyone in an environment created by KAPITEL to enjoy being and living and working there. To get to this point, we thoroughly analyse all phases of the life cycle of a property, with an eye to the needs, comfort and convenience of users.

We have a long-term strategy of preserving the value of our real estate projects for decades, and have set high standards for ourselves. That’s the only way to create spaces that are high in quality, environmentally friendly and take into account people’s needs.

Comfort and functionality are predicated on quality that withstands the test of time and well-planned solutions. To achieve this quality, we select our partners only from among the best and we relie on contemporary technologies. All of the buildings we establish are based on the principles of sustainability and our office spaces meet the class A standard.

Completion of a building  is only the beginning of its lifecycle. After the doors open, we generally stay on as owners and managers for at least 10 years, being responsible for keeping things running smoothly and upgrading the buildings as necessary. As people’s needs and desires are changing and technology developing faster and faster, our job is to ahead of the times and offer the best solutions. More than 70% of the tenants in our office buildings have been with us right from the building’s day one.

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